It is nearly 40 days since Quarantine started due to Covid-19 Coronovirus and I haven’t a bloody clue what day it is, what time it is. Did I wash my face? Who knows or even less cares. Remember the days when you used to cough to cover a fart? It's now the opposite way round for flipsakes.

The food bill has nearly doubled coz this is a house of hungry hoors. The cooking is constant. The house seems to get messier every time I turn my head.

And lets not even talk about the hair!!! The Afro Rock Mullet is back. And I’m talking 1980s Motley Crue as opposed to Heart.


For us it started on the evening of Mothers Day. We had High Tea and champagne at ours at lunchtime. The craic was mighty as always. Much laughter and noise was had.  I won’t go into details of why we as a family decided it had to happen but it just did. 

I honestly can’t remember the last time there were just the 7 of us. Daddy, Mummy and us 5 girls. No husbands, no kids, just us 7 Devlins. And what a way to start the Lockdown. I am so glad we had that day coz lets face it, since then has been pretty pants for everyone.


The longer this lockdown goes on the more the memories we have of better times are so very important. 

Hugging our parents and grandparents, our kids and our grandkids. Our partners who don’t live with us. Lunch and coffee dates with friends. Driving to the coast for a walk along the shore to get the head blown clane off us.

The nights out with friends. Even just being able to chat with a friend in the shop without being shouted at by security. (I heard that happened someone. Wasn’t me. Nope. Maybe)

The memories of better times give us all hope that they will return again very soon and the world will be well again. 


Do the job you were blessed with as only you know how.

And as for *all the Brendas & Donnas* posting how amazing they are doing with their videos of their wonderful parenting skills. Getting it all done. The exercising, home schooling, hobbies, teaching the kids how to bake. Cleaning the house to within an inch of their life. Pay no bloody heed to them. I’m just happy I haven’t half murdered someone yet and there is clean underwear in the drawers. Just keep on doing what you're doing. Because you are fuppin amazing!


Give yourself a big high five in the realisation that you are doing an amazing job. The kids haven’t a clue what sacrifices you have made or how much you worry about their future, and even less do they care…. they’re wee shits at times. That we can all agree on.

All they can see is the hugger, the woman who kisses to make things better, snack carrier, arse wiper, the one who lets them eat easter egg for breakfast, lunch and tea coz you just can’t be fecked fighting with them. 


These are scary times for everyone, so breaking the rules is totally acceptable, keeping those closest to you safe is whats important. Your wee family bubble. Let them have cake for breakfast, let them run around in their pants and wellies with a tiara, let them ... they need reassured and protected.  

 And they adore you for it. So give yourself that fist bump, the high five the pat on the back, glass of wine, 4th Gin of the day. Whatever! 

You deserve it for keeping your family happy and together. Just do what you gotta do.