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It is nearly 40 days since Quarantine started due to Covid-19 Coronovirus and I haven’t a bloody clue what day it is, what time it is. Did I wash my face? Who knows or even less cares. Remember the days when you used to cough to cover a fart? It's now the opposite way round for flipsakes. The food bill has nearly doubled coz this is a house of hungry hoors. The cooking is constant. The house seems to get messier every time I turn my head. And lets not even talk about the hair!!! The Afro Rock Mullet is back. And I’m talking 1980s Motley Crue as opposed to Heart. MEMORIES For us it started on the evening of...

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THINK ABOUT IT I wrote this blog a few years ago and now in these scary times I feel it is even more relevant  For as long as I remember I have always loved looking at photographs. I remember from a very young age getting my Mums photo albums out and looking through them over and over again. Asking questions about who was in them and where was it taken, what are we wearing? lol   It passed many an hour.  Now many years later and I'm a photographer.  I have the absolute pleasure of being asked to capture special moments in families lives. Be it birthdays, family portraits, special occasions and not forgetting weddings. Now with weddings I don't...

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